Drug Screen Facts – Don’t Get Confused With The False Positive Drug Test

Drug Screen Facts – Don’t Get Confused With The False Positive Drug Test

The dangers of drug tests are well known, but are there any dangers associated with a false positive drug test? Let’s look at the different types of drug screen facts and how this may not be related to the false positive drug test. Here is what you need to know about the false positive drug test.

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Let’s start with a story from my own personal experience: My boyfriend and I were both long-time users of heroin and marijuana. My boyfriend was a little more open about his addiction, but we both had a lot of fun during our teen years. My boyfriend and I both were constantly high for the better part of our lives, for years at a time. One day my boyfriend admitted that he had been caught with a little bit of heroin in his system by a drug screening test done at a pharmacy.

The drug screen test facts are pretty

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straight forward and tell us that there are three types of drug screens that can be used. These three types of drug screens are:

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* Panel Urine Drug Test Facts: Panel Urine Drug tests (also known as whole blood or plasma drug screen) use a non-specific blood-based drug test that measures the presence of certain highly active substances in a urine sample. If the screening panel is sensitive to those highly active substances then there is probable evidence of drug use. If the panel is sensitive to the urine of healthy individuals, there is a fairly good chance that the person is a non-user, as there is a much higher rate of false positives associated with these types of tests than there is for urine drug screen tests that are specific to the presence of an active ingredient.

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* Blood Alcohol Screening: A Blood Alcohol Screening test uses a panel urinalysis of the blood and in most cases it is a test which can detect alcohol consumption in someone’s body. This test is based on its usage as a screening tool. Peoplewith a blood-based screen will likely have a lower incidence of drug use than those with a urine-based screening.

* Naled Urine Drug Screening: This test is most similar to the test which was mentioned above, but instead of a panel urinalysis, it utilizes a fine dust like material called Naled. Naled is applied directly to the skin, and in most cases its testing will provide an accurate result. This method is a very expensive method which will require that the patient have a skin biopsy, so many people don’t find it worth the expense.

There are other methods which may be used, but these are the most common testing methods for drugs. And, if you are considering a drug screening test to make sure that you are not a drug user, then you should be aware of the fact that there are likely a high percentage of false positives associated with this type of drug test.

Keep in mind that the false positives can make it seem like you are being tested for drug use. If you are using drugs, and the test shows up as positive, then your doctor may start you on some sort of rehabilitation program. Also, if you do a urine test and it comes back positive for drugs, then you probably should try to stop taking those drugs, even if you are not a user.

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